Life is busy. Our IV Wellness Lounge offers you a space to relax and rejuvenate your mind while we refuel your body.

If you are feeling exhausted, overworked, over-trained, anxious, jetlagged, or have lost that ‘pep in your step’, you may have nutrient deficiencies. We custom tailor our IV Wellness drips by infusing vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and amino acids to meet your personal needs.

Intravenous vitamin drips offer the benefit of 100% absorption into your system, bypassing the GI tract in a way that surpasses oral supplementation. IV Wellness drips offer your mind and body nutrients in a high dose fashion that can provide quicker recovery from stress and exercise, provides energy enhancement, boosts immunity and increases your overall well-being.

IV Wellness Lounge Cocktail Menu

The Classic – Myers Cocktail

Boost your ENERGY with this classic treatment. A multi-nutrient blend, with high dosage of B Vitamins helps restore your nutritional status, boosting energy, mood, metabolism, and adrenal function. A base formula in intravenous medicine for over 50 years. This treatment takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Frequent Flyer

Too many air miles? Too many time zones? This Vitamin push will get your feet back on the ground and your clock ticking again. Short on time? This treatment takes 10 to 15 minutes.

The Liver Fix

Doing a dietary cleanse? Feeling congested? Hormonal imbalances? The Liver Fix is designed to support your body’s key detoxification organ, the liver. A healthy dose of Glutathione is added to this bag to powerhouse all your detoxification pathways. Strengthens your liver, enhance waste removal and reduce your toxic load. This treatment takes about 45 minutes.

Blues Buster

This mood boosting drip full of multi B’s, vitamin C, zinc and glycine will have you waving those blues goodbye! This treatment takes about 45 minutes.


Suffer from anxiety and Unable to relax? Spank it away. The amino acids, glycine, taurine, B vitamins and magnesium in this drip combine to chill you out. This treatment takes about 45 minutes.

Drip With an Extra Shot

Need an extra pick me up? This super packed drip recharges you with an extra shot of vitamin B12 and folic acid to boot! Treatment duration is about 45 minutes.


Evolving from the classical Myer’s Cocktail, the MVP IV replenishes the demands of high level physical endurance athletes or the simple weekend warrior. Each formula is adjusted to individual demands to improve energy, stabilize the immune system, reduce effects of stress/anxiety, and optimize performance. This treatment takes about 45 minutes.

The Executive

From mothers to executives who never stop, this is our super-charged wellness drip. Improves performance, cognition, sleep, and reduces the effects of stress.

The Libido Mohito

This drip is a combination of vitamins B3, B6, B12, C plus magnesium, zinc, selenium and arginine, specially designed to get you feeling like yourself again.

Vegas Hang Over

Too much fun on your Vegas getaway or an overindulgence in Okanagan wine?  Maybe both! This treatment will help you pre- and post-indulgence to replenish fluids and electrolytes. This is the fastest way to get you back on track. Feel like new again in just 45 minutes. (Made famous by Rihanna)

The Pain Killer

Nip that migraine in the bud. Whether you get chronic headaches or monthly migraines, a series of this vitamin push can take your pain away.

Fountain of Youth

Packed with age defying antioxidants and minerals to keep you feeling and looking ageless. This is foundational during the summer months for skin protection and radiance.

The Cold Buster – Vitamin C Immune Boost IV

Packed with a mega dose of vitamin C, zinc and selenium guaranteed to give your immune system the boost it needs. Created for those suffering from Colds & Flu, and chronic viral or bacterial infections. Benefits those rundown by stress or those living very fast-paced lives. This treatment takes about 45 minutes.

Stress “B”

Don’t let the stresses of life affect your health. A regular drip of vitamins B5, B6 and C supports even the most stressful day.

Slim Jim (or Jane)

Struggling to lose weight? A series of weekly intramuscular shots with HCG, high dose of vitamins B12, B6 and folic acid boosts your metabolism and gets you back into those skinny jeans. (Series of 5 weeks).

Our IV Wellness drips require an IV Initial Screening visit for all new patients. Depending on if you would like a full initial naturopathic consultation for the most comprehensive care or if you would simply like to have the IV experience, we need to ensure that IV Therapy is appropriate for you. Please call our office for pricing and availability.

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